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All FSE need accurate record keeping to produce to‘FOG’ Inspectorate.

  • Often an important docket or Waste Disposal Cert is mislaid or inadvertently sent in error to the Accountants or Bookkeepers.
  • However if an FSE, with a FOG Inspector carrying out an onsite audit/  inspection, is requested to produce that mislaid cert, it can result in a letter of breach of licence conditions being issued or, at the very least, the need for a copy of the Cert being emailed to the Inspector. Adding up to more time and hassle for an FSE spent contacting the Waste Service Provider asking for a copy etc etc……. i.e. non productive task!
  • Through the medium of never again will an FSE face the situation of having a misplaced disposal cert causing impacting on a ‘FOG’ inspection.
  • FSE simply request their appointed Waste Collection Service Providers  to upload all future Waste Disposal Certs directly onto your (their clients) own dedicated webpage. Those documents are then permanently stored/shared online.
  • All collated records are stored in a totally secure database through which Local Authority  ‘FOG’ Inspectorate can then separately log on to to carry out a ‘Desktop’ inspection N/B backed up by credible documentation.
  • Yet another unique feature of is an auto email alert sent simultaneously to the FSE, their own Drainage Contractor and the Local Authority FOG Inspector providing all stakeholders with 2 weeks notice of the next scheduled date for a Pump Out of the Grease Trap/s. Again aiding FSE compliance levels.